4HQ Israel Encounters

A year-long experiential masterclass with Moishe House and Makom

4HQ Israel Encounters is a 12 month program of webinars, in-person gatherings, 1-on-1 mentoring sessions and, most notably, a
6-day trip through Israel. Together we will develop the skills to facilitate meaningful programs and discussions around Israel and practice those skills by creating and leading 5 Israel-centered Moishe House (MHWOW) programs.

The masterclass is experiential, meaning that we will learn together by observing and doing. We will observe the social, historical, and political landscape of Israel from a multitude of perspectives, and together we will translate those observations into practical facilitation skills we can use in our Moishe House programs.

Our objective: Deep discourse
Our method: Experiential learning
Our lens: Israel

4HQ is designed to be…

  • Consensus free
  • Analytical
  • Hopeful
  • Skill oriented
  • Community based


4HQ Israel Encounters is an experiential masterclass in facilitating meaningful Moishe House programs about Israel.

Staff members from Moishe House and Makom, together with a cohort of 40 Moishe House residents and MHWOW hosts, will explore how we – in all of our diversity – can engage in productive, community-building conversations about Israel.

How can we embrace complexity and rigor without shying away from the unknown or the controversial?

How can we articulate the issues that divide us and interact with them and each other in a way that builds community?

The class consists of:
• 9 webinars (3 pre-trip & 6 post-trip)
• One 6-day educational encounter in Israel, a commitment to the creation of 5 Israel-centered Moishe House programs thereafter
• Attendance at a concluding retreat at the close of the 12-month period.

These programs will allow us to practice the facilitation skills learned throughout the masterclass while also engaging our communities through thoughtful Israel-related programming.

Program Timeline